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Added May 11, 2019
A continuation on last post.

Again I have to remove more shortlinks. Some do not even have ads showing. How are they supposed to pay me if they have no income?

Other are just impossible to complete. Yes, I've tried them too. It is the new updates in some browsers that block either full or partly some of the pop ads. Either ad networks learn to compenste for this or the decline of faucets is even more imminent.

Right now, depending on ad network, a pop ad will re-direct the current page to the pop ad page but fails to open a new tab with the shortlink page. Some of these pop pages have some very annoying codes making it very hard if not imposible to go back a page to continue with the shortlink.
I really wish i had an answer for that. All i know about the ad networks I use is that only one of them does this, but can has the possibility to go back to shortlink. Thsu not so tough to complete.

Building on this I have an idea to increase real visitors and rewards for users with more options. But, I will need my good friend DJou20 from wowfaucet.com to actually code it. I know he can, but maybe does not have the time.. I will have to come back on that.
If my idea works though I hope to include 2 or 3 other faucet websites I am 99% sure of that arent actual botters, so we may all have more rewards and revenue.

Added May 09, 2019
I'm getting used to being scammed by shortlinks now.

These (insert swearword here) just keep on not paying me or in some cases even worse demand a chargeback via Paypal. That's why I don't use Paypal as payment option anymore. With Cryptocurrency atleast there is 0% chance they can do that to me. Just not getting paid also hurts though. Almost every shortlink service I have ever used turned scam eventually. I say almost because there are some rare cases where they notify me and tell me they are stopping their service, so I may still withdraw remaining earnings.

2018 was a great year to use shortlink services mainly because many of them still had Adsense accounts. But, with the ever increasing bot claims many of them got suspended by adsense, thus not paid and subsequently not paying me. My estimation is that at least three quarter of all the traffic in December 2018 was fake (bots and users having extensions like universal bypass). Yet all those visits were still counted by both the faucet and shortlink service.

Right now medio May 2019 I'm struggling to find still paying shortlink services that have atleast a CPM of $1,00.
It seems every week i have to remove yet another service because they haven't paid me yet, or they get lots of negative reactions from other Faucet Owners in the FO chat in Faucethub.

Gone are the days where i had a shortlinkwall with over 25k tokens available from easy links with no pop ads. Thank you criminals. Yes these botnets and botters are criminals and not like Robin Hood. In fact, the exact opposite. They steal from the poor. Those that actually use faucets for additional income.

Anyway, I fear the end of shortlinks is coming pretty soon and we will all have to rely on browser and mobile games to make claims.

Added May 08, 2019
Crypto exchange Binance has been hacked.

Isn't it shocking new again? Another exchange been hacked.
Lucky they didn't get away with much compared to other hacks in the past. Around 7000 Bitcoin were stolen.
To be fair though this wasn't so much a hack as a very well played phising campaign and users API were used to complete the "hack".

How that would actually work I have no idea. Just know that it means they did not actually get into the system but rather used data gotten from their users to funnel out their stolen bitcoins.

Binance announced they will fully compensate those that have fallen victim and will suspend all Bitcoin deposits and withdrawal till this issue is fixed.

To read their official news and updates regarding this you can visit them Here.

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