Added May 04, 2019
If you are bad traffic or cheat you get banned.

I wanted to create a full explanation about recent bans on my freebcc website for a while now. Meaning that I do wish to explain, to those who really are innocent but don't get unbanned, whilst not telling actual cheaters how I catch them.

First of all not all those who get banned, are banned because my system has caught them using any of our known methods of cheating, but simply because they are "bad traffic". IF that is the case I am sorry. Still will not unban you though. You can probably not help it thanks to your Internet Service Provider or Government. Still advertisers are just not interested in paying for your views, sadly.
Second type of ban is actual cheating by already known method available just by some Google, Bing or Yandex searches. Yes, you can claim using them (it's very tough to block that) But you get detected and not get your withdrawal.

Third type is being caught by my very specialized error checking. Every user creates an error now and again, this is normal and no fuss at all. If they pile up though or are created within short time intervals your account get a notification and I will have to approve your withdrawl after seeing that info. Do not ask me how this works exactly because I will not answer that.

As I written earlier to not contact me regarding your ban. I mean it. It just annoys me now. Especially if you try to explain what must have happened or tell me about your life situation. I used to be susceptible to that type of thing and after some actual botter have been trolling me, after I fell for their sad story, I'm just not taking the chance anymore.

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